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Package cost from £99 + VAT


Absolute’s latest App, the Taxpert Pencon Tool is a cost effective way for tax advisers to consider the different options available to their clients when reviewing their pension contributions.

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Product overview

Product overview


The Excel based Taxpert Pencon 2020 Tool has been created to help tax advisers to better advise individuals on their current (2019-20) and possible future pension contributions.


The Taxpert Pencon 2020 Tool allows users to look at an individual’s pension contributions on a case by case basis. The App enables users to review pension contributions based on:


  • earnings, income and pension savings history from 2014-15 to 2018-19;
  • direct contribution into money purchase schemes;
  • net pay contributions (ie where employer deducts from gross pay);
  • gross paid contributions (eg to old style retirement annuity contracts);
  • employer contributions to money purchase schemes; and
  • pension inputs to defined benefit schemes.


The Taxpert Pencon 2020 Tool will then:


  • calculate an individual’s available annual allowance;
  • determine their tapered annual allowance, where relevant;
  • apply the money purchase annual allowance, if appropriate;
  • calculate the amount subject to the annual allowance charge (if any);
  • advise on the maximum allowable pension contribution which can be made in that year; and
  • advise on the minimum pension contribution to make, to avoid wasting any unused annual allowances.



The Taxpert Pencon 2020 Tool costs just £99 + VAT for single user licence. However, if you buy the Taxpert Pencon 2020 Tool you can then purchase any of the following Taxpert Apps for just £50 + VAT per App for a single user licence:


  • Taxpert Tax Calculator
  • Taxpert Profit Extractor
  • Taxpert Incorporation
  • Taxpert Company Car Planner


Further details about the range of Taxpert Planning Apps can be found here.



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