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Devised and written by Tim Good. The only Apps that cover the new tax rules accurately and in detail. Invaluable for advising clients.

Use our Tax Planning Apps to help your clients view all the options available and potentially save them thousands of pounds in tax.

For further information please read Tim's recent article by clicking The unknown unknowns


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Product overview

You too can be a ‘Taxpert’ with our awesome tax planning apps, which cover:


  • 2018/19 and 2019/20 changes
  • Interest tax rules
  • Dividend tax rules
  • Salary vs dividend and incorporation
  • Scottish taxpayers
  • Interest restriction for landlords


The new dividend and interest taxation rules introduced in 2016-17 move the goal posts quite dramatically when it comes to remuneration planning; the tax benefits of incorporation; and calculating and comparing overall tax liabilities for individuals with a range of income sources. Rightly concerned by what this means for clients, accountants and tax advisers want answers and the means to show their clients the effects of the new legislation for them, their families and their companies.
Those lecture room questions led Tim Good to develop three Apps helping advisers to calculate exactly how much tax and NIC would be due in a given situation. Change the salary, dividend or interest and see the effect on overall taxation; work backwards from a profit figure to work out how much dividend could be taken or work out which year would be the best for a bonus payment.
Tim’s new Taxpert Apps have been written from scratch with the new legislation and those advisers applying it in mind and, with over 30 years of experience explaining and demonstrating tax change, Tim is ideally positioned to produce accurate, relevant and reliable software.
For just £199 plus VAT you will have access to all three Apps on a single user basis.  For an additional £50 you can also add our Company Car planner.

For just £99 plus VAT you can buy any one of the three apps on a single user basis and then add any of the other three apps for an additional £50 each (including our Company Car planner).

Helping your clients reduce their tax liabilities
Taxpert tax calculator – what do the new rules mean to me?
Input the income figures and see the resultant tax, NIC and net income for 2018-19 and 2019-20.
Taxpert profit extractor
– how much salary should I take? Or dividends? Or interest?
Input the company’s trading profits and the salary, interest and dividends that you want and see the resultant net income.
Taxpert incorporation – should I incorporate? What could I take out if I did?
Input the trading profits and see the effect of converting a sole trader to a limited company.


Pencon Tool - This allows users to look at an individuals pension contributions on a case by case basis.
Each Taxpert App gives you complete flexibility of input and access to the detailed calculations behind the results.

Our Apps will run on all versions of Excel but please note that some users of old versions may not be able to run the optimise feature which depends on the Solver add-on.  This does NOT detract from the use of the App for advising clients on the tax and NIC consequences of different income combinations.


The multi user is for use on up to 5 machines. If you require more than 5 machines please contact us on 01869 255797 or sales@absolutetax.co.uk


For further information on this product please give us a call on 01869 255797 or contact us here


For further information please read Tim's recent article by clicking The unknown unknowns





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