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PTP Training is the sister company to Absolute Accounting Software, with Tim Good and Giles Mooney, founders of Absolute, also being directors of PTP.

Tim and Giles are well known in the accountancy profession as two of the leading tax lecturers in the UK. Through their connections with HMRC and the accounting professional bodies, as well as regular contact with accountants and tax agents on their seminars, they are best placed to interpret new legislation and the practical ways to implement it. These connections have been invaluable in the development of Absolute Software products and PTP’s different training options.




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Product overview

PTP provide a variety of tax and accountancy training styles which are designed to help small to medium sized practices stay up to date with the latest developments in the profession. They offer different methods of training to appeal to different learning styles including public seminars, in-house courses, online courses and their unique TAXtv and AccountingTV programmes.

They pride themselves on offering affordable, relevant courses that are delivered in such a way as to make them informative, incredibly useful and also entertaining.

Further information about PTP Training can be found here - www.ptptraining.com.








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