Simplifying Auto Enrolment

Package cost from £299.00

Worried about what you'll say to employer clients as they approach their staging date?

PTPi have helped develop a solution for employers setting up pension schemes for the first time under Auto Enrolment, ideal for small businesses.

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Product overview

Auto Enrolment is an area most accountants and tax advisors would like to ignore.

With sizeable penalties and litigation likely for anyone failing to act, burying your head in the sand is not an option. Two ares of great concern to advisers are telling employer clients which pension product to go for and then the initial registration scheme. At PTPi we have worked with a fully regulated, leading Financial Advisers firm to develope an Auto Enrolment start up pack to solve these two problems.

The registration process can prove to be time consuming (taking up to a day of chargeable time) and the potential to make mistakes is large, especially for those not familiar with the pensions world.

The AE start up package allows you to move this work off your desk without the fear of failing to support your client and without the risk of losing your client to other advisers if you outsource

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Start Up Pack - £299 + vat per employer

Pack Includes:

  • A full review of the business needs
  • A formal report from a regulstaed adviser concluding with a pension recommendation
  • Full registration of the recommended pension scheme
  • Confidence that the employer has taken the correct steps and that you and the employer are protected





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