Latest HMRC filing exclusion errors

HMRC published v2.0 of the “Self-Assessment Individual Exclusions for online filing – 2021-22” on 31 May.

New exclusion 121 indicates errors in the HMRC calculator in what appears to be a fairly unusual scenario (Scottish taxpayer with low employment income, high interest and dividends, CGT losses and EIS losses).


While testing the new exclusion over the weekend I discovered:

1 the exclusion 121 scenarios are far less unusual than the HMRC description suggests;

2 there are at least two other scenarios where the HMRC calculator is wrong but which do not fall within the parameters of exclusion 121.


I have sent SDST details of the two other scenarios that I have identified. They can be characterised as follows:

1.savings income £52,800; dividends £50,200; trading loss £49,825. The correct tax is £3,209.13 whereas HMRC make it £6,734.12;

2.employment income £16,600; savings income £52,670; dividends £3,670; net pension contributions £16,600. The correct tax is £11,574.00 whereas HMRC make it £11,588.75.



The discovery of these errors undermines the increased confidence that we might have had in HMRC’s calculator.

Clearly the Taxpert tax calculator 2022 is even more essential than ever!

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