Corporation Tax Return Software (CT600)

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Absolute Corporation Tax Return (CT600) 2024 is a fully iXBRL compliant tax return package for electronic filing to the HMRC, this includes supplementary pages (A) through to (L).

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Product overview

Absolute Tax CT Full 2024 is fully iXBRL compliant for electronic filing to the HMRC. 

Absolute Tax includes all supplementary pages currently available as a part of the full CT600 including supplementary pages (A) through to (L).  As you complete the input of data into the return, it is constantly checked against hundreds of validation rules guaranteeing the integrity of the data. At the touch of a button, the system prepares and produces the comprehensive tax liability computation.

Data entry has been designed to be flexible and user friendly, allowing data entry either directly into the tax form or by feeding through from the journal postings within the Absolute Accounts software. This flexibility allows for both a high level of functionality and a very short learning curve, speeding up the process of generating and filing a tax return, resulting in efficiency savings.

  • On screen replication of all tax forms
  • Clear summary of all data submitted on the tax return
  • Comprehensive calculation in iXBRL for both submission to HMRC and printable versions for your client
  • Absolute Tax Log - keeps track of current status of all returns in progress or submitted
  • Validation assistant, validating either parts of or the whole return
  • Includes adjusted profit and marginal rate calculations
  • Fully integrated with other Absolute packages such as Absolute Accounts and Clientbase
  • Online client portal to allow for client digital signatures of approval

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