Company Car Planner 2023

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The Taxpert Company Car Planner 2023 has been devised, written and programmed by Tim Good to deal with the complex rules affecting business car tax decisions. The latest version of the planner incorporates the legislative changes up to April 2023.



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Product overview

Company and business car tax has become incredibly complicated in recent years and the complexity is set to increase even further as the Government looks to help businesses make the transition to zero emission fleets.


The objective of this spreadsheet app is to provide users with a comprehensive but easy to use tool that can be relied on to guide the business decisions involving the provision of company and business cars.


Changes to how company car BIK is calculated


HM Treasury created two new benefit in kind (BIK) tables for company car drivers, based on whether the car was first registered before or after 6 April 2020. The main change is that from April 2020 there was a significant reduction in company car tax on electric vehicles. This is now being partially reversed.


The lower benefit in kind rates were also extended to pure electric vehicles which were registered before 6 April 2020 and to company cars registered after this date that have emissions from 1-50g/km and a pure electric range of 130 miles or more.


The rate for zero emission cars will rise from 2% in 2023-24 to 3%, 4% then 5% in 2027-28.


Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty


In addition to the changes in BIK taxes, the Government has also introduced new rates of Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax). From 1 April 2023, the cost of VED on individual cars will range from £nil to £2,605. 


An example of how this could affect cars with a list price of £140,000 is shown below:


  • Tesla Model X, registered January 2017 = £nil VED
  • BMW i8, registered March 2019 = £560 VED
  • Bentley GTC, registered in April 2023 = £2,605 VED


The Taxpert Company Car Planner does it all for you!



Our Company Car Planner 2023 App is the ONLY app on the market that covers all the business car tax changes. It is a simple but effective tool that demonstrates the options available to your clients depending on their personal or business circumstances. In particular it can help with decision making for:


  • Sole traders
    • What can you claim?
    • What are the tax implications of different cars?
  • Company director shareholders
    • Which is better, a company car or personal car?
    • Should use choose an electric, hybrid or ICE vehicle?
  • Employee cars?
    • Is it better to opt for the benefit in kind or car allowance?
    • What are the tax implications for employee and employer?


The Company Car Planner 2023 includes all the most recent changes, including:

  • the latest changes to car benefit percentages;
  • the significant increases in (some) vehicle excise duty rates; and
  • the capital allowances changes.


As you would expect from any of the Absolute products, the Taxpert Company Car Planner:

  • is simple to use;
  • has an easy input screen for the basic data;
  • provides a clear comparison of the different options;
  • produces a simple client report to show the client; and
  • creates detailed workings sheets to support the calculations.


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