Company Car Planner 2019

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The Taxpert Company Car Planner has been devised, written and programmed by Tim Good to deal with the new rules from April 2017 and now updated for 2019.

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Product overview

Company and business car tax has become incredibly complicated in recent years and the complexity is increasing in the years to come. The objective of this spreadsheet App is to provide users with a comprehensive but easy to use tool that can be relied on to guide the business decisions involving the provision of company and business cars. It takes into account the following:


•    Vehicle excise duty rate (car tax) changed on 1 April 2017 and could cost some new car buyers as much as £1,500 if the car was not registered before 1 April 2017
•    New salary sacrifice rules can significantly increase an employee’s tax cost and the employer’s Class 1A cost if the car is first provided after 5 April 2017
•    The benefit in kind rules go up significantly for all classes of car in 2018-19 – but then drop dramatically from April 2020 for ultra low emission cars
•    The Taxpert Company Car Planner 2019 is the ONLY tool available that incorporates all these changes NOW.

Use the Taxpert Company Car Planner to:

o    Advise an owner manager whether outright purchase, personal contract plan or through the company is best
o    Advise a sole trader whether outright purchase or personal contract plan is better
o    Advise an employee whether own car is better than company car
o    Advise a company of the amount of car allowance that would cost the same as providing a company car


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